February 27, 2024

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American Horror Story “I Am Anne Frank Part 2”

Asylum, Episode Five.

OK, so, we got some answers.

Was it really Anne Frank?

Well, no.  The woman’s husband shows up just after she shoots Dr. Arden in the leg and finds the heavily mutilated Shelley in the closet.  Sister Mary, still possessed, dumped Shelley in an outdoor stairwell by an elementary school, so that won’t cause problems.    But it sounds like “Anne Frank” is really one Charlotte Brown, and her problems may come from what a passing Dr. Thredson called postpartum depression.  As such, when her husband brings her back for help the next day, Dr. Arden is more than happy to give her the lobotomy she needs to live a happy life.

So, Dr. Arden isn’t a Nazi?

Yeah, funny story…even after Sister Jude looks into getting a Nazi hunter looking into things, it turns out Mrs. Brown’s research did show a uniformed Arden standing behind Hitler.

Wait, that’s not a funny story…

Well, were the aliens real?

Actually, yeah, it looks like they are.  As Kit gets arrested for the Bloody Face murders, Grace remembers seeing the aliens herself, as well as Kit’s wife Alma, who looked pregnant and not dead.

But Kit still got arrested for that.

Do we know who Bloody Face is if it isn’t Kit?

Oh yeah.  It’s Dr. Thredon.  He snuck Lana out under the plan of getting her to write his story which, it turns out, is not about the corruption of Briarcliff Asylum.  Instead, it was back to his murder house where he handcuffed her to a wall near her dead girlfriend’s corpse.  Thredson said Lana can kiss the body without fear of being bitten since he took the teeth out for his Bloody Face mask.

Um, ew.  He’s all Texas Chainsaw guy now.

I know a real killer inspired that movie and Psycho, but Texas Chainsaw guy is more readily identifiable than the name “Ed Gein”.

This is only episode five.  Methinks this Bloody Face thing resolved itself too easily for the viewer even if Lana is locked up for now.

Anything else?

Well, Sister Jude took off her habit and went to a bar for a one-night stand, so there’s that.

This season is still a mess of stuff tossed into a blender, but at least we know a couple things now.