July 20, 2024

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Doctor Who “The Watcher”

The First Doctor. "The Time Meddler," Episode One.

Well, here we are in the first episode post Ian and Barbara.  Where shall the TARDIS go next?

Hey, how about we see some vikings?

OK, we don’t actually see some vikings.  That would be too much like cool.  Instead, there’s a disturbance in the TARDIS because that Steven Taylor guy, complete with that toy panda, stumbles out of the back room all dehydrated.  After he gets some rest, he’s seemingly accepted as a new companion for the Doctor and Vicki, even though he has to be told not to call the old man “Doc” and he doesn’t want to believe the TARDIS is a time machine.

As it is, he can’t subdue a Medieval English peasant, so that puts him behind Ian so far.

Anyway, the TARDIS stops on a beach, observed by a mysterious Monk.  He seems unsurprised.

But while the Doctor leaves the other two behind, the Monk checks out the locked-up TARDIS and then heads off to his monastery, a place that looks like it could really use a good cleaning.

As it is, off in a village, the Doctor gets some information.  It’s England in the year 1066, and William the Conqueror hasn’t shown up yet.  There are viking raids and the like, but the Doctor really takes notice of the chants come from the monastery…especially when it seems to pause mid-note.  He opts to go up to investigate and finds out the place is basically deserted, and the chanting is coming from an old phonograph.

But then a set of bars comes down, trapping the Doctor and the Monk seems pleased by this.

This Monk, he’s not a real man of the cloth from the looks of things.