March 30, 2023

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Comic Review: DC Rebirth Super Sons Volume 1

Superboy and Robin team up, bicker, take on a bad guy, and bicker some more in this Rebirth series.

It’s time to close out Superman Week here at Gabbing Geek by taking a look at the next generation of superheroes as Superman’s son teams up with Batman’s.

Does Superboy even want to team up with Robin?  Who can say?  Let’s look at the first volume subtitled When I Grow Up…

Scruffy ten year old Jonathan “Superboy” Kent is a farm kid who has some inconsistent superpowers.  Arrogant thirteen year old Damien “Robin” Wayne thinks he’s better than everyone but then decides he wants to go out and, furthermore, he might actually need Superboy’s help.  Sort of.  Damien doesn’t really admit to things like that.  As it is, Damien does convince Jonathan to check into something going on with Lex Luthor’s office tower, and that leads down a path to a budding, teenage supervillain holding some hostages, all while the two are not supposed to be away from home.  Can Superman’s son and Batman’s son get along long enough to save the day without getting caught by their parents?

Writer Peter J. Tomasi has been working with both boys in various books for a while now, and he has a good handle on what makes each unique.  Damien literally believes he’s better than everyone, including his own father, and he never tires of letting everyone around him know he thinks that.  He doesn’t exactly consider Jon a friend, but he does need something from the younger Kent boy if he’s to get anything done for this inaugural storyline.  Jon is basically a good kid, someone who doesn’t want to be out so late and is generally of the opinion that maybe the pair should call their dads when something big comes up, but he also wants to get out and spread his metaphorical wings somewhat.  As it is, the two seem to be more at each other’s throats than anything else.  By the volume’s end, there’s a new pair that, while they will probably still bicker, have a reason to be together that could lead to more fun.  9 out of 10 bad Batcave hiding places.

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