March 26, 2023

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Merlin “The Moment Of Truth”

Series One, Episode Ten.

Aw snap!  Some bandits messed with Merlin’s mama!  They are so gonna get it!

Yes, Merlin’s old village in a neighboring kingdom is being raided by bandits led by…Prince Doran Martel of Dorne!?!  Man, things did not go well for him when the Sand Snakes took over.  Or maybe this is why he was stuck in that chair.  Who can say?

What I do know is Mama Merlin went to Camelot seeking help since the king in her own kingdom won’t help.  And normally, Uther would love to help out because he isn’t completely awful.  He’s just mostly awful because he just finished a peace treaty with the neighboring king and can’t help without starting a war.

Actually, that’s pretty reasonable even if it isn’t helpful.

However, nothing is stopping Merlin from going to help.  Arthur gives him permission, and the two seem to mostly get along now, plus, Merlin isn’t traveling alone!

Yes, he’s getting help from Gwen and Morgana.

Well, they aren’t knights, but they’re better than nothing I suppose.

Oh, and Arthur joins them on the road.

As it is, Arthur kicks enough ass almost by himself to scare off the bandit chief and his survey party, but that asshole rides off, promising to return with more men.  And Merlin, well, he did use some magic to superheat a bandit’s sword in the middle of the fight which is dangerous since Arthur might see it.  But there is one witness and it’s…

Holy crap!  Gendry!?!  What is this?  A Game of Thrones supporting cast episode?  And is that guy forever typecast as a blacksmith?

Good news there is Gendry is a longtime friend of Merlin’s, and he knows Merlin has magic and won’t tell.  That becomes the crux of the episode as Gendry asks Merlin why he hasn’t told Arthur, a guy Gendry doesn’t like, that he’s a wizard.

Man, Gendry has issues with lots of kings.

Anyway, Arthur takes to training the villagers, including the women, on how to fight back, and when Prince Doran returns with his much larger force, everyone pitches in to beat them.  That includes Merlin whipping up a whirlwind, and when Arthur sees that…

Well, fortunately, Gendry takes a crossbow bolt from the dying Prince Doran to save Arthur’s life, so Arthur is left to believe Gendry, not Merlin, was the sorcerer.

Man, I hope I see Arya Stark in the next one at this rate…

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