July 20, 2024

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Orphan Black “The Weight Of This Combination”

Season Three, Episode One.

One of my biggest regrets when I cut the cable was not finishing Orphan Black.  I managed to see a couple of the season three episodes before other things got in the way, so I’m really glad to be able to finish the show off.  Point is, much of what’s coming out from here on is uncharted territory for me, and I like it that way.

In the meantime, let’s check in on the clones.

Cosima?  Doing better.

Alison?  Uh, not so much.  She’s planning a run for local school board since the longtime member wants to redistrict and force Alison’s kids into a new school.  That could be fun, but then Donnie lost his job and it turned out being a monitor didn’t pay very well.

Helena?  Um, she’s locked in a box and a scorpion seems to be talking to her, but she can take care of herself since she actually went through this sort of thing before.  That may be one of the saner things about her.

But then we have Sarah and to a lesser extent Rachel.  Yes, Rachel survived the pencil to the eye.  She seems a bit brain damaged, but she survived.  Problem is, she’s still expected to be running her part of Dyad, and some guy named Ferdinand is coming to see her.  Delphine is worried since she’s got Leekie’s old job, and she not only knows Ferdinand and Rachel were involved in something in Helsinki where six Leda clones were killed, she also knows the Project Castor male clones are coming.

By the by, because we apparently couldn’t keep Michelle Forbes’ Marion Bowles, we at least get cool genre actor James Frain in as Ferdinand.

See, Bowles took off and left that one Castor clone, apparently named Rudy, in her basement.  Rudy and his “brother” Seth tried to do something sexual with a Leda clone who didn’t know she was a clone and that didn’t end well for the Leda clone.  Plus, it seems that while female clones are breaking down physically, male clones might be losing it mentally.  This episode ends with Seth breaking Rudy out of his basement holding cell.

But that comes after Sarah poses as Rachel long enough for Delphine to torture some information out of Rachel concerning…whatever happened in Helsinki.  Good thing, too.  Ferdinand decided to take out the other Leda clones on the show, starting with Alison and her family.  Between Delphine and Sarah, that gets stopped, but methinks stopping Ferdinand is a lot easier than stopping the Castors.