February 27, 2024

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American Horror Story “I Am Anne Frank Part 1”

Asylum, Episode Four.

OK, so, there’s some stuff in this episode of Dr. Thredson giving Lana “aversion therapy” to cure her homosexuality, but I found all that stuff incredibly sleazy and exploitative, and I know, it’s shocking that a show like American Horror Story would go that route, but I’m gonna refrain from saying anything else about it.

But hey, what other exploitative thing can they possibly…wait, what’s the title for this episode again?

Well, now we have a woman claiming to be Anne Frank.

And she says Dr. Arden is a Nazi who she knew from the camps.

By the by, nice touch having James Cromwell’s son play his character in the flashbacks.

The woman claiming to be Anne Frank says that she say Arden back then, and since Arden is creepy enough all ready, Sister Jude is inclined to believe it even if the woman isn’t really Anne Frank.

I mean, Arden has an increasingly disfigured Shelley in his lab.

On the outside, we see Grace and Kit hook up.  Kit maybe has the alien implant back in since Arden lost it, and Grace, well, she claims she was falsely accused of the brutal murder of her father and stepmother.

So, she and Kit have sex…and get caught.  Sister Jude wants them sterilized.

Instead, well, they get separated and Sister Mary Eunice tells Kit why Grace really got locked up.  See, Grace actually did kill her father and stepmother, but it was because he was molesting her and she didn’t stop him, so Grace stopped both of them.  Kit can forgive that.

But Arden, man, he has problems beyond just being a Nazi.  Actually, that whole “being a Nazi” thing looks like the cause of his problems.  Monsignor Tim seems to know about Arden and is, of course, covering it up, but Anne Frank, or whoever she is, confronts Arden in his lab and shoots him with a gun she swiped off a visiting cop looking into some accusations shot Arden’s way over the Bloody Face killer (yeah, it seems Kit may be innocent after all since whoever Bloody Face is, he’s got a surgeon’s skill with a knife for such moves as “skin removal”), and that sure does sound like Arden after Arden’s last encounter with a prostitute..  But then Anne finds a much worse Shelley locked in a closet…