February 26, 2024

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Over The Garden Wall “The Unknown”

Final Episode.

And now we’re here to see if Wirt, a lad with little to no self-confidence, can somehow take on the Beast and win.

This one was for kids, so I think we all know the answer to that.

Well, Wirt and the frog wake up surrounded by bluebirds.  It’s Beatrice’s family.  Her mother is feeding everybody dirt.  Her mother also has Shirley Jones’ voice, so she went from partridges to bluebirds somehow.  As it is, Wirt does take one spoonful of dirt before he and the frog head off to find the Beast and save Greg.  Beatrice comes along, and the trio find Greg annoying the Beast with weird questions before he turns into another Edelwood tree.  The Woodsman is also nearby.  That poor man didn’t know all those Edelwood trees he was cutting down and making into oil to keep the lantern with his daughter’s soul in it burning was made of the Beast’s other victims, and he won’t do it anymore.

As it is, Wirt shows up and tries to pull Greg free.  He even makes his brother laugh by naming the frog.  It’s “Jason Funderberker,” and that name sticks.  But after knocking down the Woodsman, the Beast, who we never get a really clear look at, shows up with an offer:  cut down the Edelwood trees in the Woodsman’s place, and Wirt can keep Greg’s soul alive in the lantern.

And Wirt…says no.


He thinks that sounds really stupid.  He doesn’t want to wander around the forest cutting down trees for the rest of his life.  And then Wirt figures something out:  burning the lantern doesn’t keep Greg or the Woodsman’s daughter alive.

It keeps the Beast alive.

And then the Woodsman comes back, furious, and in the new melee, the lantern goes out.

The Beast is defeated, Greg is free, Wirt actually had the enchanted scissors that Beatrice can use to change herself and her family back to normal, and the boys (with the frog) wake up in the normal world.  Wirt pulls Greg and the frog out of the cold lake, and after a trip to the hospital,Wirt learns Sarah never listened to the tape because she doesn’t have a tape player. That…makes sense.  Wirt offers to let her use his and the two make a date of it.

And then we see, back in the Unknown, everyone the boys met along the way are better off and happier than they were before, especially the now human Beatrice and her family, and the Woodsman’s daughter is also back to keep her father company, and everyone is better off than they were except for Greg since he was pretty good to go to begin with.

So, let’s say 10 out 10 singing frogs.

And that’s Over the Garden Wall.  You know, I really thought the second half of this season of Vikings would be back by now.  I’ll have to find something else for Fridays.

I’ll think of something.