June 22, 2024

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American Horror Story “Nor’easter”

Asylum, Episode Three.

So, how bad can it be to have a possessed nun running around an insane asylum?

Oh, wait, that bad?  Crap!

Yes, Sister Mary isn’t so sweet anymore.  She’s coming on to both Sister Jude and Dr. Arden, and in the case of Sister Jude, she’s leaving out reminders of the woman’s hit-and-run, which somehow includes phone calls from the dead girl, and a bit of communion wine for a recovering alcoholic.

But there’s a big storm coming in, so to make everyone nice and quiet, the asylum will be hosting it’s first ever Movie Night.  Something kinda racy from the looks of things.  Kit is getting a bit worried since Dr. Arden pulled some kind of robo-spider out of the suspected killer, and Arden is paranoid that it was put there by somebody’s government.  Which one?  It doesn’t matter.  Could be any of them.

Arden’s a Nazi, isn’t he?

I would not be surprised.

As it is, Grace agrees and when Thredson tells Lana that Lana’s girlfriend disappeared in the same manner as Bloody Face’s other victims, well, Lana realizes Kit probably isn’t Bloody Face and manages to convince Grace and Kit to take her too.  Also along for the ride is nymphomaniac Shelley.  And since there’s a movie and a storm, well, there’s plenty to distract the nuns, doctors, and guards for an escape attempt.

Would that it were that simple…

First, there’s a guard.  Shelley goes to distract him.

Then Threadson notices some empty seats and tells Sister Mary, who was just getting into the movie’s Christian persecution.  Sister Mary tells Sister Jude.  Sister Jude is drunk.  What will happen?

Well, Shelley never gets back to the others, so they opt to go on without her.  And they do get outside.  But there are some…things out there.  Arden’s experiments?  Maybe?  They were eating a corpse.  Whose corpse?  A woman the inmates know as “the Mexican” who recognized the devil in Sister Mary, so Sister Mary murdered her and dumped the corpse outside for those…things to eat.

And Shelley?  Well, Arden catches her and decides he wants sex for once, and that means what looks like rape, but then Shelley finds Arden’s manhood hilarious.  So, he knocks her out.

Anyway, Sister Jude sees there are three inmates missing, but they aren’t Kit, Grace, or Lana.  No, they all got back in time.  Instead, it’s the Mexican, the nymphomaniac, and the microcephalic.  That last one just went to the bathroom.

And then Shelley wakes up to see Arden amputated her legs.

Oh, back in the present, the ridiculously hot girl was saved from Bloody Face by her not-dead-yet boyfriend.  The two stumble out and run off only to see…a second Blood Face.  Then the first one shows up and shoots both the ridiculously hot girl and the lead singer of Maroon 5.  As the two Bloody Faces unmask to talk, it sounds like Bloody Face #2 was just looking to prank people, but #1 likes killing.

And then they see Bloody Face #3 walk in.

Why are people hanging around this place anyway?