February 26, 2024

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Over The Garden Wall “Into The Unknown”

Episode Nine.

It’s time for Secret Origins:  Wirt & Greg!

Yeah, here we are at the penultimate episode, and we finally get some answers about how Wirt and Greg ended up in the Unknown.

Where are they from?  The modern real world.  Well, as real as a cartoon gets.

Why are they dressed like that?  It was Halloween.  There was a party at the house of a girl Wirt likes.  He’s mentioned her.  Her name is Sarah.  Wirt tossed some random stuff together to get a costume.  Greg’s wearing a teapot on his head because he went as an elephant.  It makes sense when you hear him explain it.  That would also explain why Greg had so much candy on his person in the first episode.

Anyway, Wirt made a tape for Sarah, but then was too worried to give it to her.  Greg decided to slip it into her jacket pocket, and Wirt was trying to get it back with a little help from Greg.  Greg, being Greg, just walks into the party and makes nice with people.  Wirt stumbles in nervous and embarrassed.

As it is, Sarah seems to like Wirt too.  He doesn’t notice, but she is rather sweet to him, and the other guy, Jason Funderberker, that is looking to ask Sarah out and making Wirt all nervous is clearly something of a doofus.  Granted, Wirt doesn’t see that, but when he and Greg go with Sarah and some friends down to the local cemetery to tell ghost stories, the group gets scared by a cop who was pranking kids the whole episode.  As everyone scatters, Greg goes with Wirt, finds the frog, and the two climb the tall cemetery wall, falling off the other side and into what looks like a river.

And then they all woke up in the Unknown.

So now you know the rest of the story…