September 28, 2022

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Watson Reviews: Adrift (Spoiler Free)

I am known around the Gabbing Geek offices for my admiration for of Ms Shailene Woodley. Much better than the lesser actress, Emma Stone.

I wanted to see this film but was traveling when it was in the theater. Time to make up for lost time.


Loosely based on a true story, a young drifter named Tami meets a handsome young sailor named Richard. Together they travel the world in search of adventure on the high seas.

When a rich British couple asked them to sell their boat to San Diego w, Richard and Tammi take the adventure of a lifetime. When a large storm hits their boat capsizes it the pair or in a struggle for survival.


  • Shailene Woodley is all world. It is only a matter of time before she gets an Oscar. She is such a fantastic actress that she comes close to the Tom Hanks in Castaway, one person carrying the movie, type performance
  • The chemistry between the leads is amazing. I believe 50s two characters fell in love instantly and wanted to travel the world together. That makes a lot of difference when they are in adversity and she is trying to nurse him to health.
  • That bohemian lifestyle is so appealing. I have had a long and crappy week in corporate America. There was something appealing about these two just bouncing from port to port, and living in adventure.


  • Interesting survival stories aren’t always that interesting. This movie was not like this film Alive because she didn’t eat him. So not all survival stories can ring your bell. Just because the tides are against you doesn’t make for a compelling narrative.
  • Could have gotten most of what I enjoyed from the Travel Channel. The appeal of the film was largely the food, the culture, and the lifestyle that these two lived. That probably would be front and center on any Anthony Bourdain episode.
  • The actual adrift scenes are not the best parts. When they shifted from the flashbacks to the actual action, oddly enough,the movie came to a grinding halt. Usually it’s the other way around and that was kind of interesting.

    Woodley herself actually makes the movie somewhat watchable. Otherwise, with a lesser actress, this film probably would’ve been dreck. But she is so talented that she was able to make it work and deliver a quality picture.

    Overall, I give Adrift a score of 7.5First Class Tickets out of 10.

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