July 20, 2024

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Over The Garden Wall “Babes In The Wood”

Episode Eight.

You know, we should probably give Greg the spotlight for a bit.

See, Wirt is descending into hopelessness, and that’s what attracts the Beast.  As the boys settle down for the night under a tree, Wirt lets Greg take over as leader, and Greg doesn’t really know what that means, so he puts a blanket of leaves over his brother and another for himself.  The frog then pulls a leaf over himself because yes, the frog is still there, and the trio goes to sleep.  Greg is a bit busy wondering how to be a good leader.

As it is, spirits of floating baby heads or winged animals or something come down and whisk Greg off to a cloud-based dreamland.  There’s a lot of singing and such reminiscent of really old cartoons and silent movies and the like.  I can’t describe it very well, so I won’t.  That seems fair to me, and if it doesn’t to you, why are you reading these things?

Anyhoo, Greg’s Greg-ness accidentally lets the North Wind loose.  He and Greg fight inside a cloud house while the camera waits outside, and Greg wins, bottling the wind up tight.  As a reward, the Queen of Clouds grants him one wish.  He wishes to go home.  Cool.  But he can’t take Wirt.  The Beast is wrapping Wirt up in the edelwood branches.

So, Greg changes his wish.

He wants to take Wirt’s place.

Wirt wakes up, hears the Beast dragging Greg off, and he and the frog try to follow them through a bad storm, eventually falling through some thin ice, only to be pulled out by a fish in a boat who happens to be fishing.  Is that fish a cannibal?  Well, Beatrice is there too, but Wirt doesn’t stay awake much longer.

He’ll have to save the day for sure now.