July 13, 2024

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Doctor Who “The Web Planet”

The First Doctor. "The Web Planet," Episode One.

It’s times like this episode where I think the TARDIS needs some work done on its monitor system.


Because somehow they don’t see the giant freakin’ ants with the human legs walking around outside the ship.

But enough about the ants with their high pitched noises that initially only Vicki can hear because something about younger members of a species having special hearing that fades over time because the TARDIS is stuck in some sort of web that’s only visible in a few shots.  Multiple attempts to power out fail.  It seems the giant ants are up to something.  So, after Vicki passes out, Barbara stays behind to watch her while the men go outside.

Say, what neat equipment does the Doctor have for environments that might be low on air?  Is it some sort of big, bulky helmet or something?  Actually no.  It looks like a lightweight parka.

Anyhoo, without even putting a hood up, Ian and the Doctor explore outside, where something steals Ian’s gold pen and later the Doctor shows the water is actually acid with Ian’s old school tie.  First off, it’s a bad day for Ian when his nicer stuff goes missing or gets destroyed.  Second, why would he wear a tie to explore an alien landscape?  It’s not very practical.

But Barbara has on the gold bracelet Nero gave her, and after a nice conversation about how much more advanced education is in her time as opposed to ours, something happens when more high pitched noises occur and Barbara is in a trance or pulled or something by that bracelet.  So, the ants have power over people wearing gold.  That’s…awfully random.

So, she leaves the TARDIS and doesn’t put on a parka before she walks out.

Then Ian gets stuck in a web while he and the Doctor try to return to the TARDIS.

Then the Doctor watches as the TARDIS is yanked away with Vicki still inside.

Man, this planet sure isn’t very friendly.