March 1, 2024

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Geek Review: Operation Finale

A group of Israeli intelligence officers sneak into Argentina to grab Adolph Eichmann.

Between the new Operation Finale and late March’s 7 Days in Entebbe, it would seem to be a good year for movies about real, badass things members of the Israeli government have done.

That or between this movie and Uncle Drew, it was a good year for Nick Kroll.

Watson reviewed this one already, but I am not Watson, so here we go.

The year is 1960 and Israeli Intelligence gets a tip:  Adolph Eichmann may be living in Buenos Aires.  A former attempt on capturing Eichmann went badly, but this time, the goal is certain:  capture Eichmann alive and bring him back to Israel to stand trial for his role in the Holocaust.  Pretty much all of the team lost someone in the camps, and some of them are taking the idea of bringing Eichmann back alive better than others.

As it is, much of the movie deals with Israeli Peter Malkin (Oscar Isaac) and his interactions with Eichmann (Ben Kingsley).  Isaac is fine, but the real standout here is Kingsley as Eichmann, here displaying more than anything else the banality of evil.  Much of the rest is standard spy thriller stuff.  It’s well done, but the fact Kingsley isn’t a raging maniac is a nice change of pace, especially considering there are plenty of other characters who arguably fit that description here.  Yeah, there are a lot of Nazis in Argentina, but Nazis are always convenient for symbols of evil.

It’s sad that we have to remind people that in 2018.

8 out of 10 prime minister pep talks.