December 5, 2021

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Over The Garden Wall “The Ringing Of The Bell”

Episode Seven.

Hey!  It’s a Clue quote for a guest star!

Yes, we have Tim Curry in this episode.  More on that in a bit.

First, the Woodsman pops up and Greg and Wirt run away from him and his warnings.  But the Beast is there, taking the Woodsman to task for his warnings, but overall, the Beast isn’t mad because he can only take people who lose all hope, and Wirt is a rather hopeless individual to begin with.

But now on to Tim Curry.

See, in the middle of a rainstorm, the boys and the frog find what looks like an abandoned house and go inside.  It isn’t so abandoned.  A sad girl named Lorna lives there, and she forever doing chores for one Auntie Whispers (Curry), a large-headed woman who can control Lorna with a magic bell.  The boys and frog hide in a barrel full of live turtles and to listen to Auntie Whispers, it sounds like the weird woman might eat the boys if she finds them.

But this is Over the Garden Wall, so you know there must be a twist.  While Wirt convinces Lorna to run away with them while Auntie Whispers is asleep, Greg and the frog go upstairs and wake the woman up.  But something seems off, as Whispers seems more inclined to warn the boys than threaten them.

See, Whispers isn’t the one who would eat the boys.

Lorna is.

She’s possessed.

And Whispers can keep the evil spirit at bay by ringing the bell and making Lorna do chores.

And guess who comes out…

Oh, and the frog ate the bell.

Fortunately, Greg shakes the frog and can make Lorna/the evil spirit do something.  His idea is to turn into a magic tiger, but then Wirt shakes the frog, rings the bell, and does the sort of thing you have to wonder why Auntie Whispers never did and orders the spirit to leave Lorna’s body and never come back.

So, all is well.  Lorna will stay with Auntie Whispers, who it turns out is Adelaide’s sister, and the boys leave.

But now Wirt is feeling hopeless and the Beast is pleased…

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