February 26, 2024

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Doctor Who “Desperate Measures”

The First Doctor. "The Rescue," Final Episode.

So, Susan was a panicky kid who tended to scream and shout a lot when scary things happened.

Vicki, by contrast, gets mad at Barbara for killing an animal with large teeth because she’s managed to befriend it and Barbara didn’t know that.

I like Vicki more already.

OK, so, how does Ian not get stabbed and/or dropped down onto the hungry thing below?  Well, he tosses his sport coat over the sharp ends and climbs around to the Doctor and safety.  From there, the men both manage to get to the spaceship and find Barbara and Vicki.  The other crewmember, Bennett, well, he had stumbled out of the room he was in and then collapsed, so the women had put him back.  The Doctor offered to go check on him.

But the door’s locked.

And when the Doctor breaks in, Bennett isn’t there.  He left some recordings behind to make it sound like he was there.  Sounds like Ferris Bueller kinda stuff…

So, the Doctor looks around outside the ship and finds the Koquillion.  Now, the Doctor has been to planet Dido before.  He knows what the natives look like.  And the Koquillion isn’t that.  It’s a mask.  The Doctor knows its a mask.

Yeah, it was Bennett in disguise.


Well, he killed a crewmember, and then the ship crashed and he killed most of the rest of the crew plus many of the natives of Dido to cover up his crime.  And then he must have seen a Scooby Doo rerun and put on a costume to scare people away.


So, what does the Doctor do?

Well, nothing.

Two Dido natives (who look like regular humans) shows up, knock the Doctor out and knock Bennett off a cliff.  And since the Didoians won’t let a rescue ship land to pick her up, Vicki joins the crew of the TARDIS.

And then on their first trip with her, the TARDIS materializes on a cliff’s edge…and falls off it.