January 22, 2022

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Comic Review: DC Rebirth The Flash Volume 4

The Reverse-Flash returns to torment Barry Allen some more in this Rebirth title.

Does any DC hero have a more lighthearted style generally associated with him than the Flash?

Well, the Rebirth title seems intent on making Barry Allen as miserable as possible, continuing in volume 4 subtitled Running Scared.

Eobard Thawne, the Reverse-Flash, was believed to be dead again when he returned to further torment his longtime nemesis Barry Allen, the Flash.  This time around it involves kidnapping Iris West, Barry’s girlfriend in this timeline, just as the two are starting to get serious.  Why does Thawne do what he does?  He’s given reasons before, and he is perhaps the only person in the DCU who was always conscious of what things were like before Flashpoint, but that leads me to another issue I have with this volume and the one before.

The issue is that many people seem inclined to call Barry a liar, particularly when his secret identity is revealed.  So, that leads me to wonder whether or not Barry is a liar.  True, lying by omission is a thing, but it isn’t like he’s been denying he is the Flash.  He just isn’t telling people.  And while his loved ones learning the truth doesn’t mean their reactions are unreasonable, and it wouldn’t be the first time in comics a potential love interest reacted poorly to learning the guy in the office was really the superhero who kept showing up.  I just wonder about the “liar” label considering most DC heroes don’t get that label when this sort of thing happens.  I suppose this is writer Joshua Williamson’s way of playing with Barry’s own highly-tuned conscience in a manner that, say, wouldn’t bother the likes of Hal Jordan or Batman.  I still dig the Flash, and I am sure his story is far from over here, but the label is bugging me a bit.  8 out of 10 wrecked museums.

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