July 20, 2024

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Over The Garden Wall “Lullaby In Frogland”

Episode Six.

Well, that was a whole lot of unexpected.

We’re on a ferry now with our heroes and a whole lot of sharply dressed frogs.  That would be a problem since Greg tossed all the money they needed for the fare away.  And sure enough, two frog cops show up just as Greg worries his frog is naked and cold. The boys and the bird run and eventually settle on disguises.  Wirt puts his cloak around himself with the frog on his head, and Greg goes out with a drum over his head.  That gets them hustled over to a band, and when Wirt knocks the bassoon player overboard.  Now, Beatrice does point out that Wirt can play the clarinet, so he can play the bassoon, right?

Eh, yeah.  Wirt doesn’t think so, but he does.  And then comes the real surprise:  the frog can sing.

He sings pretty well.  Some song about being over a garden wall.

Title drop!

As it is, the group gets off the ferry and see the frogs wallow in mud.  Wirt is excited to see Adelaide and go home,   Beatrice seems to be doubtful, and while the frog is given socks and a recording contract, she flies off.

See, it seems Beatrice hadn’t been completely honest.  Adelaide (John Cleese again!) isn’t a good witch.  She promised Beatrice a pair of enchanted scissors to remove her wings and make her human again if she could bring the old witch a kid to be a new servant.  Adelaide was going to turn Wirt and Greg into mindless servant types, and now Beatrice likes the boys and doesn’t want to do that to them.  But unfortunately, Wirt and Greg overheard the wrong part and after Adelaide captures them, Beatrice sets them free, but Wirt at least thinks she isn’t their friend and they run off to find their own way out of the Unknown.

Oh, the frog comes back.  I guess fame isn’t for everyone.