July 21, 2024

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Gabbing Geek Manga Review: Attack On Titan Volume3

Humanity might have a new weapon against the giant, man-eating Titans as the series continues.

Attack on Titan was the first manga series I read and reviewed.  It’s exciting, fun, and not for small children.

But then something new happened in the second volume, so would there be more twists to the third?

Volume One ended with Eren, one of the main protagonists, losing an arm and a leg before being swallowed by a Titan.  In the second volume, a new Titan appeared on the scene, attacking other Titans, and finally shrinking down to Eren, his missing limbs restored.  So, having a human who can turn into a Titan would be a good thing to have as a new weapon, right?

Well, most of the other humans are sure willing to kill him since Titans are always the enemy.

Here’s the thing:  Hajime Isayama’s art is still fine, and his script does introduce some neat new characters, but the plot involving Eren and his friends doesn’t really move all that much.  A plan is concocted to drive out the Titans still inside the town and…it doesn’t really go anywhere.  It seemed to be a lot of not much.  I’m still interested in this series, but I would hope there would be more going on here.  As such, this one is 8 out of 10 stray cannon shots.