February 24, 2024

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Doctor Who “Day Of Reckoning”

The First Doctor. "The Dalek Invasion of Earth," Episode Three.

Man, Susan sure is running around quite a bit for someone who just got a diagnosed with a broken ankle just one episode earlier.

Then again, there’s a lot to snark at for this episode.

Ian!  Master of hiding who, just as he jumped into a brief case when he was tiny and then was surprised to find someone carried it off, here decides when the rebel’s attack goes south, hides inside the Dalek’s flying saucer.

OK, he does manage to stay hidden and even finds another survivor to talk up the mine they are obviously flying to.

Susan!  She runs off and cannot be found mere seconds later!

OK, I know this is Susan’s last story as a regular companion, and they do give her some stuff to do, like ask a dreamy rebel to come with them when they leave in the TARDIS (he refuses) and talk the Doctor into following dreamy guy’s plan.  There’s some on-the-nose talk of knowing who you are when you finally realize you get where you’re going and…yeah, that’s that.

Barbara!  She falls for Dortmun’s clear trick so he can wheel out on a suicide run to test the latest of his ineffective bombs!

OK, the chase from one base to another was actually pretty damn cool, showing Barbara, Dortmun in his wheelchair, and some woman named Jenny dodging Daleks through a deserted London.

The Doctor…who doesn’t do much foolish.

The guy who helped the Doctor escape while he was doped up for the Roboman surgery!  He did get the Doctor to Susan and David the dreamy rebel, but then he figures the group would be harder to spot if there were too many people, so he heads off alone to go to the coast.  And, like, six seconds later he’s killed by Daleks.

Seriously, don’t get too attached to any of these rebels.

Speaking of, maybe Dortmun’s bombs would work better if they actually exploded instead of just releasing a ton of smoke.

OK, so, we have people headed for the mines and such, so is there anything else to worry about?

Oh yeah, the Daleks have a countdown timer to destroy what’s left of London.