February 29, 2024

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Doctor Who “The Daleks”

The First Doctor. "The Dalek Invasion of Earth," Episode Two.

So, the Daleks are back for the first time!

Time travel makes for strange openings.

Well, the Doctor and Ian were caught by the Daleks and the Robomen while Susan and Barbara are with a resistance group.  The resistance has a guy named Dortmun, a wheelchair-bound scientist who may have a bomb formula that can crack a Dalek’s tank thing.

But as the Doctor, Ian, and another captive are locked up inside a flying saucer, both parties find out the past from the people nearby.  It seems the Daleks used germ warfare to wipe out large portions of the human race by raining meteors down laced with disease, and then once most of humanity was dead, including anyone in a leadership position or any sort of medical person, the Daleks came down, captured many of the remaining humans to change into Robomen, and whoever was left over they tried to round up for work in the mines.  What are they mining?  Who can say?  They sure don’t.

Well, the Doctor is a smart man, and Barbara is a smart woman.  Susan and Ian?  It can go either way.  Barbara points out the resistance can sneak up on the Daleks by putting on busted Robomen head ware.  Apparently, no one had thought of that before.

The Doctor, meanwhile, figures out how to use stuff in his cell to open the door using static electricity and magnetism.  That’s cool, but the Daleks thought he was interesting and had an ambush set up for him.  He was taken away while Ian and the other guy stayed in lock-up.  Why did they take the Doctor?  They want to make him into a Roboman.

That sounds bad.

But Barbara’s idea seems to be mostly working, so as the Doctor is prepped for surgery, Susan, Barbara, and the resistance are running around the saucer.  Will they get to the Doctor in time?