April 20, 2024

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American Horror Story “Birth”

Murder House. Episode Eleven.

Well, the season is almost over at the MURDER HOUSE!

I guess some more people may have to die.

After a brief prelude where we see Nora teaching young Tate how to make the ghosts go away…by telling them to simply go away…we cut to the present where Violet is adjusting quite well to being dead.  Ben is finally getting Vivien out of town, and he’d take Violet too, but unlike Violet, Ben doesn’t know she’s dead and unable to leave the house.

Oh, and in other news, one of Vivien’s twins is bigger than the other at six months gestation and is probably killing his twin by hogging all the nutrients.  Three guesses which twin is doing it and the first two don’t count.

But really, the house has other issues.  Everyone wants a baby.  Hayden wants a baby.  Constance wants a baby.  Chad and Patrick want a baby.  Nora wants a baby.  And there’s no Oprah to be seen to make sure EVERYBODY GETS A BABY!

Violet is most worried about the gay couple, so much so she tries an exorcism she overhears Constance’s fake medium with real medium powers and it doesn’t work.  Chad finds the whole thing hilarious, but since he learned Patrick doesn’t love him, well, he doesn’t really want a baby.  But he is in a talkative mood, so he spills on how Tate murdered Patrick and himself, oh, and how Tate raped Vivien.

But then we have more tragedy.  Vivien goes into labor while waiting outside, so Ben takes her into the MURDER HOUSE to give birth.  Constance is there.  There is a ghost doctor in the form of Dr. Montgomery, and the two dead nursing students, so that’s something,  But the first baby is stillborn.  Nora claims that one.

The second one?  Healthy, and big enough for a normal birth despite being three months premature.  Constance carries that one off to be cleaned up, and Hayden is already demanding it for herself.

But then Vivien hemorrhages and dies.  Ben asks her to stay.  Violet, who tried to explain she was dead, asks her to go.  Vivien goes, but I don’t think she had much choice.

But now that Vivien is dead, that’s something else to lay at Tate’s feet, and when Tate shows up to “explain,” Violet…tells him to go away.

And away he goes!

And Vivien is a ghost now, too, able to comfort her daughter.