March 3, 2024

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The Handmaid’s Tale “Baggage”

Season Two, Episode Three.

Yeah, I pretty much knew that was going to happen.

The “what” here is Offred’s recapture.  But that’s at the end of the episode.  This one was mostly about her mother.

There is also a side story where we see Moira, Luke, and the silent woman Erin sharing an apartment in Little America over in Canada.  Erin speaks, and the other two (mostly Moira) continue to adjust to life on the outside.

But the thing about Offred’s mother is she was a militant feminist who seems to have preferred the company of women.  She took her young daughter to protests and later suggested June should aspire to better than a proofreader/editor at a small publishing company or a married woman, even if Luke was OK.  The two disagreed, and we all know how it turned out for Offred.  Her mom?  Well, in a flashback to June’s Handmaid training, we see that oh so pleasant Aunt Lydia was running slides of environmentally devastated areas–you know, the Colonies–and one slide show’s June’s mother working in that toxic wasteland.

Anyhoo, after two months of being cooped up in a newspaper office, Offred has most of the Gillead conspiracy figured out from old newspaper clippings (you can always find evidence for stuff after the fact if you know where to look), she gets a lift for another safehouse from a guy named Omar.  When word comes that the safehouse is compromised, Offred basically begs Omar to take her somewhere, so he takes her to his place.  His son Adam seems glad to see him, but his wife Heather is naturally wary.  After the family doesn’t return from church, Offred borrows some of Heather’s clothes and manages to sneak off to the airfield she was told flew people out to Canada.  She does reflect her mother taught her not to rely on any man for rescue, but just as the pilot is taking off with her and a man who worked as a driver for another Commander, the plane is intercepted by the Guardians.  The pilot is shot, and the two fugitives are dragged off the plane.

So, yeah, that more or less had to happen, right?