Merlin “The Poisoned Chalice”

Hey, a peace treaty between Camelot and Mercia!  I know about Mercia from Vikings!

Man, a crossover between those two shows would be weird.

Probably awesome too.

But mostly weird.

Also weird:  Merlin spends most of this episode delirious and lying on his back while Arthur has to save the day with an assist from Gwen.

See, Nimueh from the last episode is looking for revenge for…some reason.  She wants Merlin and Arthur dead from the looks of things.  In she comes disguised as a handmaid from Bayard of Mercia’s entourage, and she has…a poisoned chalice!

It kinda looks like a small version of the Stanley Cup.

Man, I love this show.

Anyway, she tells Merlin that the chalice set up for Arthur is poisoned, and he rushes in to stop Arthur from drinking from it.  Who will drink from the cup and prove it?  Merlin will.  And then he collapses.

So, it’s Gaius to the rescue!  With Gwen!  And maybe Arthur.

OK, yes, with Arthur.  He feels bad, likes Merlin, and it only takes Morgana to question his manhood for him to decide to go take care of it.  See, Gaius figured it was cockatrice poison, and the only cure is mortis flower, found in a distant cave.  Uther, considerate man that he is, actually refuses to let Arthur go because you shouldn’t risk your life for a servant or something, but Arthur goes anyway.

And he finds Nimueh on the road, posing as a runaway servant.  And then Arthur kills a CGI giant lizard.  The CGI stuff on this show is decent by TV standards, but it doesn’t help when Arthur’s horse isn’t the slightest bit spooked by the angry snarling lizard.

I still love this show.

Anyway, Nimueh goes into the cave with Arthur and then almost kills him when she chants and the rock bridge to the only mortis flowers falls down.  Arthur manages to fend off a giant spider, and Merlin manages to send a light sphere for Arthur to see, and Arthur gets out, gets the flower, gets back to Camelot, and gets tossed in jail.

Stupid Uther.

Then Gwen gets the flower (that Uther tried crushing) from Arthur and takes it to Gaius.  And since there’s some magic, delirious Merlin fixes the stuff and he’s saved.

And then Gaius goes to Uther, tells him Bayard (locked in the dungeon) is innocent and Nimueh is back.

Yeah, Uther has a history with her.

Arthur might too.

And Gaius knows she’s also after Merlin.


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