July 13, 2024

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Comic Review: DC Rebirth Green Arrow Volume 3

Green Arrow is wanted under both of his identities as his life somehow gets worse.

By the time the second volume of the DC Rebirth version of Green Arrow ended, the character was wanted both for various crimes as both Green Arrow and Oliver Queen.  Broke after a return to Seattle, all he may have going for himself is the love of new girlfriend Black Canary and the help of various allies.

The third volume, subtitled Emerald Outlaw, somehow made his life worse.

How can it get worse?  The problem is twofold:  another archer, potentially someone Oliver knows very well, is framing him for multiple murders across the city, and a rogue group of cops are killing criminals on their own.  Factor in a few other issues like a Trump-like candidate running for mayor, the way Ollie’s half-sister Emiko disappeared with her mother Shado to learn the ways of assassination, and just the fact Ollie is reduced to living in the woods, forging his own arrows and bows from wood he finds there.

Actually, Ollie kinda likes that last one.

Writer Benjamin Percy and artist Otto Schmidt have a lively story here.  It actually ends with things somehow worse for the title character, and that can theoretically mean Ollie’s eventual triumph will feel all the better.  He still has Black Canary, and he’s hinting about a problem with a former sidekick, so maybe that means an explanation for the Rebirth Roy Harper will be coming up in a future volume.  I will probably check it out at some point.  8.5 out of 10 bad situations in a football stadium.