December 6, 2022

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Doctor Who “Kidnap”

The First Doctor. "The Sensorites," Episode Five.

You know, there’s more talk of people wondering where Barbara is when the character takes a couple episodes off than there was when the Doctor skipped out for a couple.

Just sayin’.  She doesn’t quite appear in this episode either, but they set up her return for the finale to this particularly serial.

Well, the Doctor was down in the aqueduct, and he heard some weird noises, and by the time Susan and Ian catch up, they find him on the ground with his coat shredded, but not his shirt or his skin underneath.  So, he got lucky?  The Doctor doesn’t question it too much…yet.

But one of those Sensorites overhears, and that guy works for the suspicious City Administrator.  As it is, the Second Elder dies, but the Sensorites look so similar they can’t even tell each other apart by anything other than their clothes, so City Adminstrator Dude gets the First Warrior to accuse the Doctor by saying the Doctor took something from his coat.  But the Doctor couldn’t have because the coat was destroyed, and the Doctor was given a cloak to cover up until he can get back to the TARDIS and get a replacement for the coat.

Sensorites can’t abide loud noises, darkness, and can’t even tell people apart by sight.  As aliens go, these guys kinda suck.

But since the Doctor is told Ian never got the cure, it doesn’t take much effort to get the cure for Ian a second time.  And it looks like the City Administrator, just promoted to Second Elder, is responsible.  That comes from the revived mineralogist John who overheard the plotting.  And while John can’t tell Sensorites apart either, plus he was out of it, he does recognize the sash the City Administrator wore.

So, the Doctor figures there are two enemies:  whoever is poisoning the water supply–no doubt connected to the monsters in the aqueducts– and the City Administrator.  The Doctor has a plan:  find the poisoner and stop the deaths, and that should also somehow expose the City Administrator to the First Elder.  He and Ian head off alone since the Sensorites can’t do much in the dark, loud aqueducts.  The only request is they keep Susan out of it, and that Barbara be allowed to join them.

So, that seems to be going well.  John seems to be OK, he and his fiance Carol are making plans, and I don’t see why the episode title is “Kidnap”.

That is until the end of the episode when Carol is kidnapped by an unseen person…that is probably a Sensorite working for the City Administrator.  I’m not new to this rodeo!

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