December 2, 2022

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Geek Review: The Meg

Jason Statham fights a giant shark. What else do you need to know?

Jason Statham once said that he wouldn’t do a superhero movie because they were stupid with a lot of CGI and not much acting involved.

Well, that guy has made more than one Fast and Furious movie, and now, The Meg.  Just sayin’.

Oh, I also saw The Meg.

The Meg should be a phenomenally silly movie.  Ideally, it would fall into some kind of cinematic sweet spot between Jaws and Sharknado.  An underwater research station discovers that a giant shark, the Megalodon, isn’t as extinct as it was believed to be.  Rescue diver Jonas (Statham) is there to look manly and do what he can to stop the thing before it goes to town on too many innocent people along with your standard crew of crew members that include the likes of the love interest and the somewhat comic relief billionaire funding the whole thing.

So, how was it?  Very standard.  This is the sort of movie where the tensest moment where someone might die involves a small dog instead of a human being.  There may be an effective jump scare here and there, but mostly its Statham giving steely eyed looks while cliche moments happen around him.  It was decent, entertaining in its own way, but not overly unique.  Seven out of ten BS deep sea science theories.

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