December 5, 2022

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American Horror Story “Smoldering Children”

Murder House. Episode Ten.

OK, we got some answers.  Some to questions we didn’t know we were asking.

Who burnt Burnt Larry?  Well, it wasn’t the fire his late wife started.  It was Tate, just before he went on his shooting spree, to get at the guy he thinks (correctly) murdered his brother, though he may not know it was at his mother’s request.

Did anyone notice Constance’s boyfriend was dead?  Yes, and the cops question Constance about it.  It seems they did notice a lot of people who lived with or near her seem to have disappeared or even died and she’s awfully suspicious.

Constance manages to tell Burnt Larry to ditch the evidence in the MURDER HOUSE.  He complies, but he meets not only Constance’s dead boyfriend, but his own dead wife and kids (see episode title).  It’s the first he’s ever seen them, and dead boyfriend is actually good with the kids.  Burnt Larry sure is sorry to his Burnt Wife, promising to get back at Constance.  But, it turns out she isn’t mad at awful neighbor lady.  Plus, Larry seeing her means he’s close to death himself.

As such, he confesses to the boyfriend’s death.  Will Constance give him something to make prison a breeze?

Are you new to this show?  Of course not.

OK, but what about the Harmons?  Well, Ben believes Vivien is innocent of cheating and is working to get her out of the insane asylum, telling her that her twins have two daddies.  Vivien is shocked to learn that, and she doesn’t want to go back to the MURDER HOUSE.

The real problem is Violet.  She hasn’t been to school in over two weeks, and she does promise Ben to go back, but there is a nasty fly problem.  An exterminator goes down, and Tate kills him when he sees…something.

Yeah, because no one will notice the exterminator’s truck parked outside for weeks on end…

Oh great, more ghosts too!

But since Tate hears Ben trying to send Violet to a boarding school, he puts on the Rubber Man suit and attacks Ben.  Ben does sees Tate without the mask, but then he passes out.  Stupid ghost chloroform…

But then we learn something,  Now, Constance told Violet some ghosts don’t know they’re dead, and that included Tate.  OK, so, what happened that was so shocking?  Well, Violet decides to go outside…and every time she does, she ends up back in the house.

It seems she died back in episode six from her suicide attempt.  Tate didn’t save her life.  She just thought he did.  The flies came from her corpse.  Oh, and Tate knew he was dead the whole time.

So, yeah, maybe the dog died in the microwave too back on Halloween.  We haven’t really seen him since then…


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