August 16, 2022

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Over The Garden Wall “Songs Of The Dark Lantern”

Episode Four.

Well, the Woodsman came back.

And we saw a Beast…mostly…sort of…OK, not really.

Yes, the travelers arrive at a tavern after falling out of a hay cart.  The driver was terrified of the Beast.  And the tavern won’t let a bird stay there, so Beatrice is out to stay with what appears to be a very stupid horse.

Greg’s frog can stay for some reason.

As it is, Greg helps himself to all kinds of food while Wirt has to say who he is.  “Wirt” is not an acceptable answer.  No, instead everyone there is known more by a profession or vague title.  The tavernfolk decide Wirt must be the “young lover” and insist he sing his song.  He doesn’t know one, but apparently Greg is a half-brother.  Huh.

Meanwhile, Beatrice sees a light in the woods.

Meanwhile meanwhile, the tavernfolk sing a song about the Beast.  It seems he takes people and turns them into trees that can be wrung out for oil.

Wait, that’s what the Woodsman does…

Wait, he’s also carrying a lantern, like the song says the Beast does…

Wait, the Woodsman is out where Beatrice flew!

Thinking quickly, the boys ride off on that stupid horse and find Beatrice unconscious next to the Woodsman.  They grab her and make a run for it, accusing the Woodsman of being the Beast the whole time.  He says he’s innocent, but instead they ride off.

Where are they going?  Well, they’re going the direction Fred suggested.  Who’s Fred?  He’s the horse.  He can talk.  Maybe he isn’t so stupid.

As for the Woodsman, he is not the Beast.  Two glowing eyes in the woods are the Beast.  He’s after the boys, the bird, and that frog.  And the lantern holds the Woodsman’s daughter’s soul.  If the fire goes out, so does she.

That’s some dark stuff right there.

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