April 12, 2024

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Doctor Who “The Unwilling Warriors”

The First Doctor. "The Sensorites," Episode Two.

OK, so what does that alien hanging around outside that window want?

I don’t know.  But a pair of Sensorites do get inside rather easily.  They seem to have the crew of the spaceship cowed, but the Doctor’s group are new here, and they have some ideas based on the ramblings of John, old before his time.  He said something about the dreams of avarice, and he is a mineralogist.  Must be something on the Sensorite homeworld…

By the by, you can hurt Sensorites by thinking really hard.  Susan and Barbara figure that out on their own.  But now we have other problems, and by that I mean Ian and Barbara go to see if they can meet the aliens who seem to be wearing footie pajamas.  The Doctor suggests staying calm because giving in to fear and panic helps the aliens take control of your mind.

Is that why Susan becomes their mouthpiece?  She’s always screaming.  You’d think being the Doctor’s granddaughter would make her more used to weird stuff happening all the time.

Then again, Ian is able to keep the guys–who are shorter than he and Barbara are–at bay by holding some sort of blunt object over his head.  He’s so manly in-universe…

As it is, we do learn the Sensorites’ world is rich in molybdenum, a substance stronger than steel in its metallic form.  That stuff would be valuable, and the Sensorites seem to be unafraid of everyone else despite Ian holding blunt objects over his head because the only real defense the humans and Time Lords seem to have is locking doors behind them, but the Sensorites know how the locks work.  What’s their problem?  Something about a previous visit by humans.

And for now, they are taking Susan with them to their planet’s surface.  The Doctor had refused to let everyone down on the basis that it would probably be dangerous.  But Susan, well, she’s told either she comes or everybody dies, so, well, she goes.

No one tries to stop her either.

She needs better guardians.