February 29, 2024

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Comic Review: DC Rebirth Aquaman Volume 2

Aquaman has problems when an old enemy is working to create a war between Atlantis and the United States.

I read the first volume of the DC Rebirth Aquaman series a while back.  I generally feel that Aquaman is a character that, as a king, has real potential as both a political character and a superhero, and the first volume hinted at that only by the time the reader got to the last issue of the reprint when a frustrated Aquaman (with partner Mera) let loose on someone who could take the hits while loudly complaining how left out he felt.

Yeah, he kept punching Superman.

Well, I finally got around to the second volume, subtitled Black Manta Rising.

OK, this wasn’t quite what I was hoping for, but it was a step in the right direction.  Aquaman’s old enemy Black Manta has secretly taken over the secretive society of N.E.M.O.  Manta wants nothing more than to get Aquaman and by extension all of Atlantis.  His plan is a simple one, one that started in the first volume, and that’s to frame Atlantis in such a way to provoke a war with the United States.  How can Aquaman keep a war, particularly when his own people want to strike back when America isn’t exactly sitting back and letting “Atlantis” get away with various attacks that Atlantis didn’t even make.  Sure, Aquaman has Superman on his side (sort of), but Superman can’t get too involved for political reasons.

Dan Abnett’s story is improving, and this volume actually had nine issues in the reprint instead of the standard six issues that you see in Rebirth reprints.  On the down side, the artwork was inconsistent.  with some of the facial expressions in the last couple chapters being particularly egregious.  As such, let’s say eight and a half half-fish marines out of ten.