March 26, 2023

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Doctor Who “The Bride Of Sacrifice”

The First Doctor. "The Aztecs," Episode Three.

OK, seriously, is Barbara stupid?

See, Barbara is trying, against the advice of both the Doctor and Ian, to change Aztec culture and take them away from the whole “human sacrifice” thing.  And the High Priest of Sacrifice does not for a minute think Barbara is an actual goddess though she does manage to save Ian from being killed by the warrior whose father built the temple the TARDIS is stuck inside.

Yeah, it might help to learn how to spell the Aztecs names.  But I only have one more episode after this one, so I’ll pass.

OK, so Barbara wants to convince the Aztecs to stop human sacrifice, and one guy is on her side.  She doesn’t want to believe that guy is the outlier.  And then she outright tells Father Sacrifice that she’s not a goddess.


Is she stupid?

How are the other three doing…

Susan refused to marry the Perfect Victim and as a result is to be punished.

Ian and the Doctor learned about a tunnel, and Ian crawled inside.  Bad news:  it’s really a storm drain, it’s prone to flooding, that warrior guy closed it back up again, and the waters started rising.

As for the Doctor, he accidentally got engaged to a woman who looks his age (but, you know, probably isn’t), but unlike most people, he just rolls with it.  Is he smitten?  Maybe.  He sure looked surprised when he found out he was engaged thanks to sharing a cup of cocoa, but hey, he didn’t do anything to get in any more trouble.

It pays to be an experienced time traveler.

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