March 2, 2024

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The Handmaid’s Tale “June”

Season Two, Episode One.

Well, we’re out of material from Margaret Atwood’s original novel.  Let’s see where this depressing story goes next.

OK, so, why was Offred arrested at the end of season one?  It’s punishment for not stoning Janine at the end of the season one.  All of the other handmaids were also arrested, and they’re all taken to Fenway Park to be executed by hanging.  And just as the lot of them are about to be dropped…it’s all a ruse, and Aunt Lydia comes out and starts talking about God’s love because she is an awful person.

The punishment isn’t over.  Offred gets out of it because she’s pregnant, and if she causes too much trouble, well, she can be chained to a bed in the basement like another rebellious pregnant handmaid.  Offred will eat her food.  She’ll also get to observe as the other handmaids are burned on a gas stove.

Oh, and Serena Joy stops by to talk tough.  But then one of the techs, as everyone has left, addresses Offred by her real name.

Yeah, there’s a key in Offred’s boot.  Nick has arranged for an escape attempt, and she gets to burn her handmaid dress, pull out that cattle tag in her ear, and cut her hair.  She can call herself June.

Me, I know she needs to save her daughter and probably won’t be free for long.  This show isn’t that kind of show.  And to keep things simple, I’ll just keep calling her Offred.