March 26, 2023

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Doctor Who “The Keys Of Marinus”

The First Doctor. "The Keys of Marinus," Final Episode.

Well, that wrapped things up quickly.

Let’s hear it for stupid people!

See, Barbara got a brilliant idea to consult the dead criminal’s widow to see if she might have an idea whom her husband associated with that might allow her, Sabetha, and Altos to find Susan and prove Ian’s innocence.

Did it occur to her the woman might also be in on it?

Nope, but she said something silly that told Barbara and Co. that Susan was locked up in the closet.  Yes, Susan’s crying again.

But dangit, the captured woman claimed she was working with Ian for…reasons, but by now even the guardian that arrested Ian is suspicious.  So, they set a trap and the real criminal shows up.  It’s the prosecutor.  There are so many stupid people around here.

The Doctor isn’t stupid.  He knew the missing key was hidden in the murder weapon the whole time since it was the only thing that wasn’t searched.

Anyway, Altos and Sabetha go on ahead, and after getting permission to take the last key, so does the Doctor and his companions.  But hey, Arbitan was killed by the Voord, and they caught Altos and Sabetha, but Bland Ian is out of prison, which means the show is making him the hero again.  Suspecting something is up, Ian and Susan go one way while the Doctor and Barbara go another.  Ian and Susan get caught by the Voord leader wearing a robe to look like Arbitan.  So, Ian gives up the key.

Except he didn’t give up the real key.  He gave up the fake one they found in that screaming jungle.  Barbara and the Doctor find and rescue Altos and Sabetha, and everyone that isn’t a Voord makes a run for it.  Why?  Because that Conscience of Marinus computer will explode if the wrong key is put in.

That’s what happens because the Voord are also stupid.

Anyhoo, the TARDIS is free from that forcefield, and the Doctor has some words for Altos and Sabetha about letting computers do all their thinking for them, and he’s off again.

Because too many bad guys are stupid.

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