May 24, 2022

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Comic Review: X-Men Blue Volume 1

The teenage original X-Men are still stuck long past their time, so why not continue to fight the good fight?

One of the weirder recent developments for the X-Men was the idea to use time travel to bring the original five to the present, and then having these teenage X-Men hang around.

Well, they have their own series now called X-Men Blue, and so here’s the first volume, subtitled simply Strangest.

About all I really knew about this team is what I wrote above, but fortunately this wasn’t all that confusing.  The group is a bit different than it used to be.  Marvel Girl Jean Grey is the team leader, and Cyclops, though smitten with her, is fine with that.  Beast is learning magic.  Angel lost his wings and had them replaced with wings made of cosmic fire.  And Iceman…well, I know he was outed but that’s about all there is to him here.  In this series, they’re operating out of Madripoor with Magneto of all people as a mentor figure.

This was actually rather fun.  The five are youthful, optimistic, and seem to get along well with the public.  That’s actually something I like:  the idea that not everyone fears and hates the X-Men and they can go out in public without too many problems.  This volume also shows the youngsters meeting long-established X-Men foes, but they’re new to these kids, so the reader probably knows more about them than the X-Men.  That makes for some nice storytelling potential from writer Cullen Bunn.  It almost doesn’t feel like an X-Men book.  That’s not a bad thing at all.  Nine out of ten Ultimate guests.

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