April 19, 2024

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American Horror Story “Rubber Man”

Murder House, Episode Eight.

And now, the epic origin of the Rubber Man.

It’s Tate.

Oh, the rubber suit was purchased by Chad in an abortive effort to get Patrick back since Patrick was looking up bondage sites for gay men, but it turns out Patrick prefers leather to latex.

That’s actually a clever line.

Then Tate wore the suit to murder them both.  Moira popped up to give Tate a gun to make it look like a murder/suicide.  And the guys have been hanging out in the Murder House ever since.

Murder House!

OK, cut to the present.  We know Tate is the father of at least one of Vivien’s unborn twins.  We know the house is haunted.  We know Moira has problems with men for very good reasons.  We know some of the ghosts don’t know they are dead.  We know Hayden is an angry ghost.  We know many things, but not how much wood a woodchuck could chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood.

What does that have to do with anything?  Well, Hayden finds Nora.  Nora doesn’t know she’s dead and doesn’t know what happened to her baby.  Hayden died while pregnant and both of them seem to want a baby.  Besides, Hayden finds trying to murder ghosts post-coitus isn’t much fun because they don’t stay dead.

Hayden is a bad person.

Anyway, Hayden knows how to do stuff without living people seeing her, so she convinces Nora to drive Vivien insane so they can each have a baby.  After all, it isn’t fair since Vivien already has a teenager.

I’m not sure that’s how math works.

It almost works, too, except for two things.  First, the intruder ghosts prevent Vivien and Violet from leaving when they try to, and then Ben accuses Vivien of trying to separate him from all his children, living or unborn.  Plus, Moira tells Vivien the house is haunted.

I will repeat that:  Moira tells Vivien the house is haunted.

Somehow, I doubt Vivien believes it.  Maybe she will when she accidentally shoots Ben.  He’s fine, but she’s committed to a mental hospital, made worse when Violet lies about seeing the ghosts.  Good thing she still has Tate!

Oh wait, that’s bad.