February 5, 2023

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Doctor Who “The Brink Of Disaster”

The First Doctor. "The Edge of Destruction," Final Part.

So, hey, a different character acted more heroic than the others.

Not necessarily the Doctor, but it was a nice change.

Yes, for once, the show did not try to make Ian the big hero.  Instead, he was just as out of it as almost everyone else.  Heck, he was trying to strangle the Doctor, but then he faints, and the Doctor continues to call the teachers traitors who want to go back to 1963.

Wait, they don’t?

But see, Barbara is still more or less OK, pointing out Susan also freaked out, attacked someone, and then fainted.  Sure, the Doctor still thinks he’s fine, but then…wait, an alarm goes off and he snaps out of it.

See, it was the TARDIS trying to warn everyone something was wrong.  Oh, nothing was broken, so the regular alarm couldn’t go off.  Instead, it was a stuck spring in the button for sending people back in time.  And then the Doctor fixed it and they didn’t end up hitting the Big Bang, which would have been bad.  Yes, all the paranoia and such was caused by the TARDIS.  The Doctor actually apologizes to Barbara who, this time, was the more heroic character.

See?  One of the women.

The episode ends with the TARDIS on a snowy planet and Susan finding a large footprint.  What does it mean?

I have no idea.  I’ll explain why in the next installment.

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