July 20, 2024

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A Series Of Unfortunate Events “The Carnivorous Carnival Part One”

Season Two, Episode Nine.

Yippie!  Count Olaf has another musical number!

But first, the opening actually shows a flashback where Lemony Snicket actually gets to interact with other members of the cast, and it’s his brother Jacques where the two are both attending a V.F.D. party.  Plus, a lot of the guest stars from season one are in the party, which is also a nice touch.  And the party pops up later.  But the big thing is Lemony gets a message that “Olaf knows” and he’s too late to warn his beloved Beatrice before Olaf does…something.

But back in the present, we see Olaf and company arrive at the Caligari Carnival in the middle of nowhere.  Olaf wants to see Madame Lulu the fortune teller.  She’s good.  She actually recounts the entire series from Olaf’s point of view.  Plus, her crystal ball shows stuff.  Olaf wants to know if one of the Baudelaire parents survived, and he’s promised an answer the next day.  The whole act impresses everyone except Esme.

That includes the Baudelaires.  The kids had managed to escape from Olaf’s trunk unseen, and then rifle through his disguise kit to make themselves out to be a two-headed person.  Sunny is a feral child.  And they apply for a job with the Carnival for the freak show.  Olaf and his troop think the way Violet and Klaus eat corn is hilarious.  And Sunny freaks them out.  They’re in, and they meet the other freaks:  a hunchback, a contortionist, and am ambidextrous guy.  And the freaks are tired of being laughed at.

So why not do something else?

Uh….this idea does not occur to them.

Olaf, meanwhile, gets a new job as the ringmaster and sings his song about how weird the freaks are, much to amusement of one guy in the audience.  Given there were three people there, that means one third of the crowd was amused.  The Baudelaires find it humiliating they were laughed at.  Olaf finds it humiliating that the crowd was so small.

As it is, the Baudelaires break into Lulu’s tent, festooned with the same symbol as Olaf’s tattoo, and when they find the camera equipment and see the films and learn the disguises Olaf uses are common for all members of the V.F.D which stands for Volunteer Fire Department.  They put out fires real and figurative from the looks of it.

Esme, meanwhile, thinks Lulu is up to something.  What is it?  Um, she thinks Lulu wants to steal Olaf’s affections.  Lulu throws up in her mouth a little.

Now, Lemony pops back to say someone would soon enter the Baudelaire’s lives and change said lives.  After he says this, Lulu finds the orphans in her tent and reveals she is, in fact, Olivia the librarian in disguise and she promises everything will get better.

That’s almost a guarantee she’s doomed as far as this show goes.

Oh yeah, Lemony already said that back at the start of the season.

Oh yeah part two:  Lemony also says Lulu isn’t the meeting that would change the Baudelaires’ lives.

No, that would be some hungry lions.