February 26, 2024

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Over The Garden Wall “The Old Grist Mill”

Episode One.

Well, still no word on when Vikings comes back, so let’s look at this ten episode animated mini-series from Cartoon Network, Over the Garden Wall.

Huh.  Each episode is only about twelve minutes long.  This won’t take very long on multiple levels.

We begin our journey with two brothers walking through the woods.  Older brother Wirt (voiced by Elijah Wood) wears a garden gnome hat and a cape of some kind.  He’s a bit cowardly and tends to look for rational explanations everywhere.  Younger brother Greg wears an upside down teapot on his head and seems to carry a lot of candy in his pants.  Greg has a frog he found somewhere and as the story opens, he’s trying to name it.  He’s leaning towards “Kitty”.

Then Wirt notices they’re lost.  Sure, a talking bluebird named Beatrice offers help, but then Wirt starts babbling that birds don’t have a large enough brain capacity to talk, and well…

The brothers do find help from a Woodsman voiced by Christopher Lloyd.  He tells the brothers they are in the Unknown, that there’s something dangerous out there called the Beast, and they can stay the night in his grist mill where he crushes sticks to make oil.  Greg loses Kitty and then goes off to find him since Greg is fearless, but then he finds some freakly wolf that chases the boys around, destroying the mill until the wolf gets squeezed and a turtle pops out of his mouth, causing the wolf to morph into a friendly dog.  Wirt thinks they might have defeated the Beast.

But no.  The Woodsman explains that wasn’t the Beast.  You can’t beat the Beast that way if at all.  He isn’t too angry, but tells the boys they can find help down the road, and Greg better hold on to that frog.

Yeah, this may be going somewhere in its surreal sort of way.