February 21, 2024

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Ash Vs Evil Dead “The Mettle Of Man”

Series Finale.

You know, if you’re going to end an Evil Dead series, do it this way.

Yeah, Starz canceled this series unexpectedly, but for an unintentional ending, it’s a damn good and damn appropriate one.

Does Ash have a pep talk?  Yup.

Does he want to do what he has to do?  Nope.

Does he get talked into it by Brandy?  Yup.

Does he need help standing up from an easy chair since he’s so much older than he used to be?  Yup.

Do he and Brandy go nuts in a sewer against an army of Deadites?  Oh yeah.

Does Pablo find and revive Kelly?  Yeah.

Is there some giant monster that gets stronger the more you attack it, and the military keeps bombing it?  Yeah.  Pretty damn good special effects for this series, too.

Is it gory and messy?  Yes, yes, yes.

Does Ash sacrifice himself in a stupid plan?  Hell yeah!  He puts that dagger into a tank’s main gun, drives up to the demon, and as soon as the creature picks up the tank, he shoots the dagger down its throat.

Sure, the thing lands on him, but then he wakes up in the future from some cryogenic freeze thing.  A young woman with the Knights of Sumeria pulls him out.  Yes, her outfit is skimpy.  Yes, Ash got a better hand.  Yes, Ash checks her out.  It looks like the apocalypse happened.  Most of civilization is gone, but the future needs the savior.  That would be Ash.  They have his car decked out like something out of Mad Max.  And Ash drives off with one last, “Groovy.”

Man, that was awesome.

True, the series wasn’t always that good, but it mostly worked as an Evil Dead series.  Let’s say 8.5 out of 10 things going splat.

But hey, I need something new for Thursdays now.  Let’s go for the British fantasy series Merlin.


A friend highly recommended this one, and the last time I took one of his recommendations, I saw Gravity Falls.  This should be fun.