November 27, 2022

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A Series Of Unfortunate Events “The Hostile Hospital Part 2”

Season Two, Episode Eight.

I generally enjoy the word play and silliness of A Series of Unfortunate Events, but it does tend to follow a formula.

Until now.

See, normally we’d get Count Olaf and his sidekicks would have the Baudelaires in some bad situation, but due to them being fairly good people, some new friend steps forward to see through the general stupidity of every adult on the show, reveals Olaf in disguise, and they move on.

Not this time.

See, forget for a moment they’re wanted murderers.  Instead, remember the kids opted for the first time ever to do something bad to someone who was nice to them, namely Hal the records keeper at the Heimlich Hospital, by stealing his key while he slept.  Now, under normal circumstances Hal would explain something to exonerate the orphans.  Instead, he actually accuses them of worse crimes.

Like trashing the records room.  That was Esme and Olaf.

Oh, and setting the records room on fire.  That was Olaf after he saw Jacques’ film which suggested one of the Baudelaire parents might still be alive.  Heck, the fire was started while the Baudelaires were in a room full of people that included Hal, but he was so mad at being taken advantage of that he didn’t care.

What did happen?

Well, Klaus and Sonny disguised themselves as a single doctor named Doctor Faustus, and Count Olaf, also dressed as a doctor, wants Klaus to perform an head removal in the surgical theater in front of a full audience including the useless Mr. Poe.  The only way out is to give over the thing they found in the records room which was not the Sugar Bowl Esme wants for some reason. but was instead the film strip.  Olaf starts the fire that does burn down the hospital and ruin Hal’s life’s work, and that allows the Baudelaires to escape in the trunk of Olaf’s car.

And the Sugar Bowl was there.  “Was” is the key word.  Someone got it in the end.

So, yeah, now the kids are wanted arsonists and murderers because there aren’t any competent and intelligent adults in this world.

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