January 21, 2022

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Comic Review: Nailbiter Volume 1

A town in Oregon has somehow produced 16 serial killers. An Army Intelligence officer and a local sheriff try to figure out why.

Serial killers in the real world are a very rare thing, but fiction is always another story.

That would probably be why the town of Buckaroo, Oregon somehow produced 16 of them in the Image Comics series Nailbiter.  That concept is explored in the first trade, subtitled There Will Be Blood.

Yes, somehow the town of Buckaroo has produced 16 serial killers.  The last, and the one with perhaps the worst bodycount, was the “Nailbiter,” and he’s still a major player in the narrative, though perhaps not in the way this sentence might lead someone to believe.  Nicholas Finch of Army Intelligence is drawn to the town when a friend obsessed with finding the source for all those killers disappears.  Sheriff Crane has her own past with the Nailbiter, and that may be nothing compared to Finch’s own secrets.  Finch’s story is drawn out more gradually, and that works well for this opening volume.  There is something going on in town, and whatever it is may be willing to kill to keep it secret.

Writer Joshua Williamson starts off OK, but Mike Henderson’s artwork doesn’t work as well since many of the characters look very similar.  I’m not completely sure I want to move on with this series, but it would probably work well for fans of crime and horror stories.  8 out of 10 creatively named killers.

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