May 27, 2024

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Ash Vs Evil Dead “Judgment Day”

Season Three, Episode Nine.

Ash has made the promise that he’s going to finally take Ruby out once and for all that his associates and sidekicks say the words along with him.

But this time he really means it!

Did Ash mean it before?


Anyhoo, Ash and Brandy are alive again, but they need to get to Kelly’s body and somehow evict Ruby’s friend from it to let her come back, and that means Pablo has to keep the rift open.  Meanwhile, Ruby and Kaya (Kaya?  I think that’s her name) are making a new page for the Necronomicon using that last Knight of Sumeria.  Since Evil seem to be, well, everywhere, Ash tells  Brandy to stay behind and gives her his boomstick.  Does he need it?  Nah, he still has his chainsaw.

In short order:  the Dark Ones come out of the rift and things get worse, but Pablo seems to be invisible to them anyway.

Ruby and Kaya toss Ash around and Ruby even destroys the chainsaw.  GASP!

Brandy turns out to be very much Ash’s daughter when Evil possesses her smartphone and bites her thumb off.  Heck, she even thinks she has to saw her own hand off at one point.  And while I like Brandy as a character, that actress does not have the right flair to being smacked around the way Bruce Campbell does.  Now, the actress playing Kelly on the other hand…

So, while Pablo gets Brandy to safety after she blows the phone to bits, Ash manages to escape when the Dark Ones show up to get their hands on Ruby, Kaya, and the Necronomicon.  And those guys mean business!  First they yank Kaya’s soul out of Kelly’s body and kill her.  Then they kill Ruby.  Lucy Lawless is an all-around badass, but even she can’t stop robed special effects characters.  Ash escapes with Kelly’s corpse, the book, and the satisfaction that Ruby is finally dead (probably).

On the other hand, the Dark Ones found the lost pages in the basement of Ash’s hardware store and conjure up something really freakin’ big!

Well, good thing the series has one episode left.