July 13, 2024

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Lost In Space “Resurrection”

Season One, Episode Nine.

Sometimes a live chicken can come in handy.

Yeah, we got some answers now!  That meteor that hit the Earth in the pilot?  It wasn’t a meteor.  It was an alien engine.  What did the human race do with it?  They used it to build The Resolute.  Why did the Robot attack?  It was trying to get the engine back.  How do we know all this?  Because the captured Maureen combines what she knows with what Dr. Smith discovered during her brief arrest on The Resolute as Smith wants Maureen to fix the crashed alien ship.  Does Maureen know how to do that?  Maybe?

Judy uses that chicken to distract Smith long enough to sedate her and get her mom out of there, but something happens.

Also, John is (probably) not dead.  Will doesn’t think so, and he discovers some of the rock samples the Robinson kids found in that cave are actually animal droppings that can be used to make fuel if they can sneak enough out of the cave without waking up the giant lizard bat things that sleep in there.  That’s mostly successful until John radios in that he’s alive and wakes the things up, separating a few folks including Penny.

By the by, the impulse would be to make Penny the one who saves that group from the lizard bats, but she isn’t.  She’s brave and helpful, but Angela is the one to get everyone out, and having someone other than a member of the main Robinson family be the ones who save the day is a really nice touch.

OK, so, the humans have enough fuel now to get off the planet before it falls apart.  What’s the bad news given there’s only one episode left for the first season?

Oh yeah, Smith got the Robot working again, and it’s taking her orders.