April 19, 2024

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Ash Vs Evil Dead “Rifting Apart”

Season Three, Episode Eight.

OK, so, it wasn’t really the Upside Down.

No, it was the Deadlands where Brandy woke up, and it looks like anyone killed by Evil goes there.  It looks like a shadowy version of Elk Grove, and some demon thing inevitably shows up to suck people down to…somewhere else?  Brandy watches a girl from the dance go down and might get lost herself except Dalton is there and he can take Brandy to Kelly holding up inside a bar.  The rules for going places doesn’t always hold up, but the bar is stable and the monster doesn’t go in there.

As it is, Pablo and Ash (hiding from the cops) see that all this could be a bad thing, but there may be a solution:  Ash could die, go to the Deadlands, retrieve Kelly and Brandy, and Pablo can open the rift back up for them.  That…makes sense.

Plus, Pablo has the dagger.  That should do the trick.  All the guys need to do is get Brandy’s body out of there.  That means stealing a coroner’s van with Brandy’s body (and one other) in it.  The fact that this show has stuff like this happen all the time should tell you everything you need to know.

OK, so, Ash stabs himself, wakes up in the Deadlands in the hardware store’s basement, sees he has two hands, and goes to find the women.  The door to upper level of the hardware store leads to the sperm bank.  That leads to the bar.  The trip back leads to…the street.  Doors change, and Dalton volunteers to sacrifice himself so Kelly, Brandy, and Ash can get to the hardware store.  Ash opts to take the Delta.  It’s in the Deadlands, so it isn’t the real Delta, and it shouldn’t work.

Meanwhile, the other corpse woke up and attacked Pablo.  He takes it out by clamping its head in the paint can shaker thing.

Does the Delta start?  Even as small hands suck it and its three passengers underground?  Actually, yes it does.  Ash knows that car.  He even manages to run over the demon monster, though not until after it took Dalton away.  That’s just as well.  Dalton blew his own head off before.

So, Pablo reopens the rift (eventually), and that lets Brandy and Ash come back to life.  Kelly’s still stuck since her body is being used by Ruby’s pal Kaya.  But Ruby has a plan for when the Dark Ones show up, and since they won’t be happy with Ruby and Kaya trying to double cross them, it does involve that last Knight of Sumeria…

Still, that shadow thing had nothing on the mind flayer.