July 20, 2024

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Ash Vs Evil Dead “Twist And Shout”

Season Three, Episode Seven.

I gotta say, Bruce Campbell body double wasn’t that convincing.

Good for him.

Yes, Ruby’s plan was to grow another Ash, and sure, it has an organic chainsaw hand, but you can chop those things off and install another.  What’s the rest of the plan?  Get Brandy to kill her father by confusing her a whole lot with Bad Ash.  And sure, there’s a school dance, and Kelly doesn’t see the harm in Brandy going and confronting Ruby.

Keep in mind, Kelly is dead and her body was possessed by some friend of Ruby’s.

Ash seems to think something’s up, so he goes to the dance himself and finds some dead students.  Why?  Bad Ash is chainsawing anyone he can.  Brandy sees that, heard Ruby say Ash was the real demon, and now she’s confused again, especially with Kelly offering back-up to Ruby.  Can Ash, colossal dunderhead that he is, win his daughter over?

Yes!  Sort of.  Pablo found Kelly’s spirit on the other side of that rift thing and went to the school.  He confirmed that Kelly isn’t Kelly with a simple trick and likewise learns there was a Bad Ash when he met Bad Ash in the hallway.  Ruby was about to throw herself on Ash’s chainsaw to make it look like he was killing yet another innocent and then get Brandy to stab him with that dagger, giving Bad Ash the power of the prophesy or something.  It made more sense when they explained it.

See, Pablo isn’t fooled by Bad Ash when a simple touch shows the demonic side, plus he should have been suspicious when Ash was being a lot more sensitive to Pablo’s ethnic heritage.

But Ruby’s plan ultimately fails when Brandy can’t bring herself to kill her father, and then Pablo bursts into the gym followed by Bad Ash.  Good Ash can take out Bad Ash because one of them had a loaded shotgun, and then an angry Ruby, seeing her plans foiled, tosses the dagger at Ash, but hits Brandy.  She dies.

And then wakes up…wait, is that the Upside Down?

Cool!  Stranger Things crossover!

Why do places without people like the Upside Down have copies of human-built structures anyway?