June 18, 2024

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The Westeros Watch Part Thirty-Four

And so The Westeros Watch comes to a conclusion as Jimmy and Tom discuss the final episode of season seven, "The Dragon and the Wolf."

Well, here we are.  Jimmy Impossible is all caught up on Game of Thrones.  But all that means is it’s time for Jimmy and Tom to discuss the very last (to date) episode, “The Dragon and the Wolf.”

tomk:  So, would you like to guess what moment made Jenny dance? Ryan got video proof at the time.

jimmy:  That’s a good lead in to my last anecdote before we finish up.

When you guys watched this live originally and Ryan posted the infamous “You don’t come back from a throat cut!” video, he told me to watch it because it had no spoilers in it. So I did, and I don’t think there really was outside of a glimpse of Sansa. Some time later on the podcast, after we had started our rewatch I believe, Ryan made a reference to Jenny’s “Littlefinger dance video” or something along those lines. So, it wasn’t difficult for me to put 2 and 2 together and figure out what happened. After listening to the podcast, I thanked Ryan for the Game of Thrones spoiler, and he had no idea what I was talking about. And now he knows. Or probably not, as he’ll never read this.

tomk:  There is some very juicy irony in those comments.

jimmy:  Indeed. Needless to say, I wasn’t surprised when Littlefinger became Zerofinger. Or Deadfinger. Or, I’m not very good at this, but it was probably the least shocking death for me behind even Ned and Jon.

tomk:  Littlefinger was Jenny’s one correct guess in the Death Pool.

jimmy:  And she won because of it?

tomk:  Yes. Points were earned both for correct guesses and how late in the season a correct guess would die.

Since Jenny only guessed one correctly for the final episode, she got seven points. Watson came in last because his one correct guess was a Sand Snake.

jimmy:  Did you get any points for Ser Pounce?

tomk:  I got mine for Sam’s father. Ryan had Thoros of Myr.

jimmy:  Did anyone have “one of the dragons we can’t remember the names of besides Drogon”?

tomk:  Jenny picked the other one.

She had to name a specific dragon and picked one at random.

jimmy:  Jenny. shakes head

tomk:  My other picks included Jaime, Hodor (again), and Nymeria. Ryan chose Brienne to taunt Jenny.

My thinking on Jaime was he would make a move on Cersei after she blew up the Sept of Baelor and one of them would die and I felt stronger on it being him.

jimmy:  I think Cersei almost has to die before this is all said and done. Jaime…I’m not sure. Could go out heroically. Could also be killed by Cersei for turning against her as you’ve said.

tomk:  I actually wonder if Cersei would live in the end. She told Ned that when you play the game of thrones, you either win or you die. So what happens if she does neither?

Plus, two Sarah Connors in the same scene.

jimmy:  That’s sure to cause some problems with the space time continuum.

tomk:  The kind that raises the dead?

This last episode really only had two main plots: the big meeting in King’s Landing and the events in Winterfell with some minor stuff involving Theon, Sam, and Bran. Any thoughts on your end on one of those?

jimmy:  We’ll save Bran for last.

Theon finally steps up…but we’ll see how that works out when he actually has to confront Euron. His getting kicked in the crotch and not flinching was funny. But sad. Poor, poor Theon.

tomk:  Theon just had to be more like Ned.

For a dead guy, he sure has been a huge influence over everything that happens.

jimmy:  Not surprising given he was the father of or best friend to or thorn in the side of the show’s biggest players.

tomk:  He showed the next generation of Starks (adopted or otherwise) the proper way to behave.

jimmy:  While most everyone else was acting like spoiled punks.

tomk:  What did Tywin Lannister teach his kids? How to be cold and ruthless in the pursuit of power while abusing his most capable offspring?

All Dany learned from her daddy was “don’t be crazy!”

However, even the girls learned about how the lone wolf dies but the pack survives.

jimmy:  Outside of Jon, the women seem to be the ones “winning” the game of thrones.

tomk:  They play the game differently.

jimmy:  Maybe they’re…smarter than us?

tomk:  Us? No wonder you defended Dorne so much, Prince Jimmy!

jimmy:  Bow before my tyrannical rule!

tomk:  I am so not surprised.

jimmy:  The whole friendly polite Canadian thing is just a long con. Trump is on to us.

tomk:  No comment.

jimmy:  I am so not surprised.

So, next? Sam?

tomk:  Sam connects to Bran and asks the right questions to the kid who knows everything.

jimmy:  Yeah, how did Bran not know all this beforehand?

I know I didn’t quite catch onto all the subtleties and clues sprinkled throughout, but Jon being the true heir and then sleeping with his Aunt (I think) was a bit of a surprise.

tomk:  Yes, it’s his aunt. Tyrion’s Incest Sense was going off. It’s like Spider Sense, but it only detects incest.

jimmy:  lol

So there’s not much else I don’t think besides the specifics of the meeting which took up the majority of the episode, and I thought was well done. Dany’s arrival on Drogon. Revealing the Wight to Cersei, etc.

tomk:  Cersei realizing a dragon was missing…

Jaime reaching his breaking point…

jimmy:  He’s mad as hell and he’s not gonna take it anymore!

tomk:  She lied to everyone, even him.

jimmy:  Cersei hasn’t realized the biggest thing about the Game of Thrones, it’s over…if no one is alive when the White Walkers come to town.

tomk:  Cersei also has the means to escape so long as the White Walkers can’t swim.

Other people? Who cares as long as she protects her (increasingly smaller) family.

jimmy:  And as we saw at the end, if they can topple the Wall, you think they won’t find a way to Casterly Rock? Or wherever Cersei wants to hide. Keep in mind they have a dragon now. Old King Frozenbottom could fly wherever he wants in no time and face little resistance.


tomk:  And Cersei called Jaime the stupidest Lannister…

jimmy:  Only the stupidest Lannister would say that.

tomk:  There are a lot of nice character moments in that meeting. The Clegane brothers come face to face again.

jimmy:  Yes, I was going to mention that. The two of them have got to have it out at some point.

Brienne and Jaime meeting up again. Pod and Bronn.

tomk:  Qyburn being outright fascinated by the severed wight arm…

jimmy:  He would. And probably not for reasons we want to know about…

tomk:  He wanted a new backscratcher?


No wait…that’s a butt scratcher. Totally different.

tomk:  Yes. Yes, it is.

And Jon can’t lie about anything while Cersei (and Euron) tell all kinds of lies.

jimmy:  That’s why he’s the hero and at least one of those two is going to die a horrendous death.

tomk:  Or he somehow becomes the new Night King.

jimmy:  Possible…but I doubt it. Yara’s gonna Theon the hell out of him I would guess.

tomk:  There are a lot of fan theories about the Night King suggesting Jon can’t kill him so much as replace him. That or the Night King’s a time traveling Bran, but that one just sounds stupid to me.

jimmy:  I’d take the former over the latter. Jon becomes Night King and finds some kind of peace with new Queen Dany. But…that’s probably not going to happen.

tomk:  All we’ve been told is the ending is bittersweet.

jimmy:  Hmmm…

tomk:  So either Jon or Dany or both die to save the day?

jimmy:  That would be my guess. Or, like the theory, Jon has to become the Night King. In either case, I would guess it’s Jon and not Dany that takes a fall.

tomk:  Jon is the likelier one.

jimmy:  And Bran permanently wargs into Drogon. It’s going to be a wild season!

tomk:  Well, Sophie Turner apparently got a tattoo of the Stark wolf head with the caption “the pack survives” recently, but Emilia Clarke says she isn’t sure how the show will end because they wrote and filmed multiple endings.

jimmy:  Interesting. Not surprising. I wonder will they release said endings after the fact?

tomk:  Maybe. And there was apparently a large fire at some point where the Winterfell set is located.

jimmy:  And Jon and Ygritte just got married. It’s going to be a wild season!

tomk:  Sounds like you are ready to wait for 2019 for the rest.

jimmy:  2019?!??! cries


tomk:  Are you glad you made the journey?

jimmy:  Very. One of the best shows I’ve ever watched.

How did you find this season overall? I know that Watson and maybe Jenny complained about it. I found it fine.

tomk:  I think it delivered. It’s winding things down and the shorter season rushed things that probably revealed timing issues the show has always had, but they’re operating completely without Martin’s finished novels acting as a safety net.

jimmy:  I’m just a couple of chapters into book two now, but things are pretty faithful still. I know they diverge more and more as they go along. If he ever finishes the books, it’s going to seem weird to read something that could/will be different from the show. But I guess we do it all the time in reverse. Many book adaptations change key points, including the ending for movies or TV.

tomk:  Martin does have a new book coming out this fall chronicling the history of the Targaryen family going back millennia.

jimmy:  …cause that’s what the fans are waiting for…

tomk:  I’ll let you know after I read it.

Do you have anything else to add, Jimmy?

jimmy:  Is it 2019 yet?

tomk:  Wanna do a series rating?

jimmy:  Out of 10 for the whole series so far?

tomk:  Sure.

jimmy:  Hmmm…I’ll give it 9.5 they killed Sean Bean in the first season now we know that IT IS ON! out of 10. I could easily be persuaded to give it a 10 though.

tomk:  A few plots don’t go anywhere and I still call this my favorite show. 9.5 out of 10 surprisingly capable eunuchs.

jimmy:  Well, I guess we are done with Westeros until next year. I’ll probably watch it all again before next season starts. I’m really expecting it to improve with a second viewing and having read at least the first book as I found there was much of season one where I wasn’t sure who was who or what they were doing.

tomk:  You will pick up on things, but there’s only one way to end this conversation.

jimmy:  Suck it, Watson?

tomk:  No.

And so our Watch has ended.


And now something funny…