January 19, 2022

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Simpsons Did It!: “3 Scenes Plus A Tag From A Marriage”

In which we see how much Homer and Marge's life was changed by Bart.

So, you might want to forget some of those flashback episodes where we see various details about where Bart and Lisa came from.

It’s not a bad episode, but still, forget some of it.

After watching what seems to be an MCU movie where Bart and Lisa insist on sitting through the credits for the various teases, none of which interests Homer, the Simpsons get stuck in traffic and take a shortcut through the hip neighborhood Homer and Marge used to call home.  They even visit their old apartment and meet the married hipster couple inside.  They’re debating having a kid of their own.  Homer advises against that.  Why?

Well, before they had kids, Homer and Marge were a hip young couple, and I did like seeing the various people of Springfield partying as younger people.

So, Homer has a great job at a tooth whitening company where the owner is about to launch his big product and sees Homer as an equal partner.  Why?  Homer’s generally agreeable attitude pleases the man.  No other reason.

Marge is a photographer and writer for a gossip rag, working for a guy who looks like he wants pictures of Spider-Man, as voiced by guest star J.K. Simmons.

Also, Kevin Pollak voiced, like, three different characters, most notably Homer’s former boss.

Everything is great, and Homer and Marge can just skip out to see a meteor shower whenever they want.  What can go wrong?

Cut to a year later and they have baby Bart.

Baby Bart is a troublemaker from the start.  Besides literally pouring salt into various adult’s wounds, he causes both his parents to lose their jobs.  Homer loses his when his boss is horrified that Homer actually has a baby.  Marge keeps submitting stories about finding a sitter, and her last chance comes when she gets to interview guest star and artist John Baldessari.  Then Bart ruins the exhibit with a well-aimed slingshot.

Homer in the present does try calling his old boss, and the other man gets closure…by telling Homer to go away forever as his private elevator continues to go into space and then sending Homer threatening text messages.

Is there hope for the Simpsons in the past?  Actually, Reverend Lovejoy points out Bart would be tamer if he had a sibling.  Cue Homer’s only smart, saxophone-playing sperm in the cloud, and Lisa is born.

And then the Simpsons need to talk the hipster wife back by showing they’re still happy.

At this point, the hipsters finally kick the Simpsons out.  They sure did stay there awhile…

On the ride home, Bart and Lisa ask Homer for more origin stories, and Homer just says they all came out in previous episodes.  Except where the cat came from because no one cares.

And, it turns out, Grampa also wishes he didn’t have kids.

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