February 21, 2024

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Ash Vs. Evil Dead “Tales From The Rift”

Season Three, Episode Six.

Alright!  Kelly vs Ruby!

Look, Kelly is awesome.  The problem is, Ruby is Lucy Lawless.  She is, well, more awesome.  And Ruby is immortal with one weakness.  Yes, Kelly brought that dagger, and it does burn her, but it’s only episode six, so Kelly ain’t winning this one.

She will hit Ruby with a shotgun multiple times and blow her up with a hand grenade, but ultimately, she’s going to lose.  Plus, Ruby has a friend in the demon-side, the Deadlands, and she needs a body.  Hey, there’s a convenient one since Kelly is dead even if Ruby hated her the least.

Look, Pablo has been dead twice.  I’ll wait and see whether or not Kelly stays dead for now.

Speaking of Pablo, he, Ash, and some more Knights of Sumeria (Dalton’s friends) go check out the basement in the hardware store.  Sure, Pablo can open a rift to the Deadlands the Knights want to go through.  Ash thinks this is a bad idea.  He has a bad history with rifts.  The Knights listen!  Then send one guy in to scout around (again, against Ash’s better judgement) and the guy comes back as some kind of demon who absorbs two of the other three Knights and Ash has to take it down.

So, back home to see Brandy, the best cook that has ever been in Ash’s house because she knows Pop Tarts taste better when they’re toasted.  It sure seems like bad times are coming, but hey, Kelly just showed up with that dagger.

Oh, wait, she’s dead and there’s someone else in her corpse…