January 21, 2022

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Bento Review: Green Lantern Secret Origin

Hal Jordan relates how he got his ring in this updated origin story.

Comic Bento sent me five books this month, which is always nice, but there’s a not-so-nice addition to this box:  it’s the last one.  Shortly after getting my tracking notice for this month’s box, I also got an email from Comic Bento saying they would not be sending out more boxes.  As such, June’s box, under the theme “otherworldly,” would be the last I would be getting or reviewing.

As it is, the graphic novels inside looked pretty good, so let’s get started with a DC book, namely Green Lantern Secret Origin.

I know Watson doesn’t care much for the writing of Geoff Johns, but I don’t actually agree with that.  I think Johns does fine with corporate superheroes.  I don’t necessarily like that he went out of his way to revive Hal Jordan or Barry Allen, but he can generally condense a character’s whole history into something coherent, and he did some great villain origins in various books.  And as much as I hated Green Lantern Rebirth in that it made Hal Jordan out to be Jesus, Johns’ work on Green Lantern went on to some great work with the emotional spectrum concept, the Sinestro Corp War, and even on to Blackest Night.  This book here is an updated origin story, one that clearly was meant to work alongside the Ryan Reynolds movie.

How do I know that last part?  Well, the cover is a photo of Reynolds from the movie, and Reynolds wrote the introduction.

As it is, this wasn’t bad.  It does show Hal’s training, his first encounters with Sinestro (then an ally), and encounters with classic villains Hector Hammond and Black Hand.  The main villain, the one who was responsible for the death of Abin Sur, was Atrocitus, the future founder of the Red Lantern Corp, and based off characters Alan Moore created for a single short GL story he once wrote.  Johns’ script is fine, and Ivan Reis’ artwork still works well.  Hey, that guy is still drawing stuff at DC, so he must be doing OK.  I liked this well enough, even though I think I might have read this seven-part story before.  Eight and a half out of ten questions about the whole “yellow thing”.

NEXT UP:  Well, we’ve got something from Aspen.  Maybe it’ll be good.  Sometimes they are!  It’s something called Dead Man’s Run.

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