September 24, 2023

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Lost In Space “Eulogy”

Season One, Episode Six.

OK, so, what are they going to do about the Robot?

That’s the problem, isn’t it?  I mean, everyone in the camp knows it’s there and it exists, and many of them, most notably Angela, remembers it as a killing machine.  That’s particularly true for Angela since the Robot killed her husband while he was standing next to her on the Resolute.

Well, not everyone is out to destroy the thing. John notes its a computer that somehow got reprogrammed, and others remember it did defeat the lizard monsters that ate butterflies.  Besides, the Robot is Will’s friend, and not everyone can make friends the way Penny does.

Yes, Penny has a plot.  She takes the leader guy’s son out to what she knew to be a waterfall, but it isn’t there anymore, so no romantic kiss for her.  She gets kissed anyway, and it seems sweet, if only she didn’t tell the boy that the planet is doomed.

Yes, Maureen knows the planet is doomed.  It’s too close to a black hole.  Bummer.  Anyhoo, she tells John and spends most of the episode wondering if she should tell anyone else.  Penny overheard.  Smith, er, yeah, not going there.  She doesn’t know.  Maureen’s friend Dr. Watanabe figured it on his own, but he figures it won’t matter if Don’s plan to get more fuel for the different Jupiter ships pans out.

Yes, Don has a plan to get more fuel.  He does do a trade that he can move to the colony too if he can get them more fuel.  Judy isn’t too happy about it, but Don does have a point that there isn’t anything in it for him when all this is over if he has to go back to a dying Earth.  Where did the extra fuel come from?  Don’s ship didn’t land near the gas guzzling eels.  It’s still full.  Sure, there’s the problem of it being precariously balanced on the side of a cliff, but the mission is successful on multiple levels.  See, Don found the real Dr. Smith’s ID card…

What does fake Dr. Smith do?  Rile up Angela to attack the Robot and get it to defend itself at a moment when Will steps away.  This comes after Will and John built a cairn to honor the 27 people the Robot killed.  Angela got a gun, shot the Robot (ineffectually) multiple times, and when it went into attack mode, it swatted John aside, injuring the man.  It looks like Will got the Robot to stop before it killed anyone, but then he ordered it to walk off a cliff.

It does.

Will laid another stone on the monument.

Smith is evil.  Probably.  She certainly isn’t good.